The Dreaded Nursing Bra

So I have a funny story to share. Last month while visiting my son and his family in TN, I had some time to kill, so I went to Target for a little retail therapy. Browsing through the active wear and sleep wear (my favorite clothing type. I mean, I am not actually ACTIVE in active wear, but I think they're quite comfy) I found myself in the bra section. I am always looking for a comfortable bra. No underwire, no una-boob, no gapping. Pretty impossible. So I found these sports-style bras that had adjustable straps, softly structured cups, no underwire. Nice enough, so I bought two. Next day put one on and wondered at the strange clasp on the straps, and the extra supportive material on the inside of the cup. Then midway through the day, it dawned on me...I am wearing a NURSING BRA. I just laughed and laughed. Went home, bagged them both up and took them back. The lady at the Customer Service counter in her sweet southern drawl, while writing a return ticket, asked what I found wrong with them. I said, "Ma'am, look at me." She looks up, confused. I said, "I am 50. These are nursing bras. I dont' think I'll be needing them. I bought them by accident. They weren't even in the Maternity section!" She laughed and laughed, and honestly, so did I. Leave it to me, a Doula and Childbirth Educator, to not notice she was purchasing a nursing bra. I guess they have come a long way since I had to wear them. They look and feel much like regular bras. However, they still have uncomfortable straps and maybe not enough support. Which brings me to the actual reason I am writing this blog today. I was recently at a conference of birth workers and had the chance to meet many vendors who were there to get the word out about their products relating to birth, babies, pregnancy, nursing, nutrition etc. I came across this lovely display of soft maternity and nursing wear. Started talking to the vendor and learned a little about their company. It was started by a woman, a mom herself, who created a product that is comfortable, functional, soft and pretty. The company is called Kindred Bravely, and I have the honor of being affiliated with them. So click the link below, check out some of their lovely tanks, bras and gowns. Their website is pretty, y'all. You will enjoy browsing.

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