My Community Partners

As the Southern Arizona Birth Community grows, a few of us are finding others within the community that we connect with. 

This is the page where I will spotlight their businesses and the services they offer. 


The idea behind this is the uplifting of others. We are not in competition, but in communion with one another, with the belief that there is room for all of us, and my success is their success, and their success is also my own. If I cannot meet your needs, perhaps one of them can. What a beautiful world we can make when we work together!

*We are not receiving compensation for spotlighting one anothers businesses

Meet Bonnie Golden








Bonnie Golden is an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner and former full-time college faculty member. Some of her areas of expertise include gentle and
strong yoga, prenatal/postnatal yoga and what she calls “boomer classes” offered in Tucson and surrounding areas.

Bonnie’s vast experience in teaching is infused with her love of lifelong learning, and she will always be a teacher, practitioner, and student of yoga and meditation.

She has facilitated yoga workshops such as “Post-Partum Yoga”, “Tonic for the Tissues” “Yoga for Healthy Aging”,  as well as stress management and mindfulness for employees in the workplace, yoga for osteoporosis, and many, many more.

Bonnie also offers personalized semi-private and private sessions.

                        Bonnie J. Golden , M.Ed, E-RYT                          
call or text: 520-870-9287

Full Yoga Class and Workshop Schedule Here 

Author: Book Releasing 6/23/20 "Yoga for Holistic Healing"

Certified: Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for Healthy Aging, Relax and Renew®

Classical Yin Yoga, Certified

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified

Roll Model Method® and Yoga Tune-Up® Trained

Voted "Best of the Northwest" Yoga, Second Place