Nurturing care, education and support for doulas just starting out or are needing community.

After going through my first doula training back in 2002, I felt this amazing empowerment and connection with birth and realized how very important support is during birth. I was ready to change the birth world, to empower every pregnant person I met to have an unmedicated birth! We are made for this! No epidurals needed! Let the body do what it needs to do! I wanted to shout my new-found knowledge from the rooftops... Does any of this sound familiar?


Starting out as a brand new shiny doula is life changing. And though I still believe most women can have an unmedicated birth, I have softened in my rigidness and have realized over the years that not everyone WANTS an unmedicated birth. Not every woman feels safe in a home birth setting, and many women come to pregnancy with fear and trauma and no knowledge of what their bodies are capable of or how they even work.  I wish I had a mentor in those early years to guide me and bounce ideas off of, to process births with, and to learn from.  

  I am excited to offer this mentorship program for doulas who have just finished their training and are eager to learn more, attend their first birth, set up their business and figure out how the doula community works. The program is four months long, with monthly meet ups and so much more. Interested? Continue reading and sign up below! 

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Mentorship Program

**The next program begins Sunday, June 5, 2022**

Four months in length and includes:

Weekly Check-ins via call, text, email or video chat

Once you have registered and we have had our first meet-up I will be checking in on each doula weekly to see how you are doing. Maybe you're struggling with meeting your goals, or meeting new clients. Talking it over may help find new solutions.

Monthly Doula Circle

Each month, all mentees will gather together for a doula meet-up where we will have a support circle where each can share, and a topic that is related to our business. Meet ups are important to build community and find the doula we want to work with as back up or create partnership with. And of course there will be food and beverage!

Monthly one-on-one (as needed)

If you are needing more than the monthly meet-up  and weekly check in, you can make an appointment to meet with me for a one on one to discuss what you're struggling with. *Due to my own client load and on-call hours, our appointment time is subject to change, but I will do my best to accomodate each of you.

Free admission to childbirth education class

During our four months together you will be invited to attend either one of my childbirth preparation classes or I will secure a place for you in another childbirth education class.

Attend a birth (not guaranteed)

During this mentorship program, I will work diligently to find a client willing to allow a doula trainee into her birth space and assist during her labor. In addition, I will be available to YOU during a birth if you have a client of your own willing to allow me to be present. This is in no way guaranteed and I will pick mentees based on my perception of personality match to the client.

Attendance at a prenatal visit

Once you have a client, I will attend one prenatal visit with you (with your client's permission) or I will invite along a mentee to a client prenatal. I will pick a doula whom I feel will be best suited with my client and gain client permission before inviting mentee to prenatal visit.

Referrals to clients (not guaranteed)

As clients call looking for a doula, I will refer them to another if I am not available. Attending this mentorship program puts you on my referral list. I will also do my best to help you find your first client if you do not already have one on your books.

Movement class

To help you get familiar with the movements and postions that are helpful in labor and birth, we will spend some time during one of our meet-ups practicing movements, relaxation, visualization and robozo techniques.

Safety and self care for the doula

As doulas, healers, body workers, and empaths, we often give to others without thinking of caring for ourselves. During a meet-up we will talk in depth about self care, secondary trauma and personal safety.

List of back-up doulas and  community resource list

In addition to a local resource list pertaining to the birth world, we will also put together a list of doulas who are interested in having a back up or being a back up doula. I'll ask that you bring any list you've cultivated for certification and we can add additional resources to it!

Support with web design and marketing

During a meet-up we will  talk about ways to market our business, design a website and get the word about our services out into our community. Come ready to brainstorm!

On-Call support for your births

During a birth you are attending, you can call or text me for suggestions and support should you feel unsure or are needing help navigating the experience. We will talk about how to do this without risking client confidentiality.

Required Reading

All doula organizations require reading of specific types of books relating to pregnancy, birth, lactation and postpartum. We will use some time during a meet up to discuss one of the books on my list that I will ask you all to read. I will use the DONA International list to make it easy.


This four month program is $300.00, billed in $75.00 monthly installments. Installments are due by the Doula Circle date. An Invoice will be sent to you two weeks prior to each date payment is due. Circles will meet on the following Sundays: June 5, July 3, August 7, September4.

Materials included in mentorship packet: 

  • Mentorship agreement


  • Community resource list


  • Back up Doula agreement


  • Doula list


  • Doula Circle Dates and list of topics covered


  • Reading list 


  • Samples of business forms

  • Handmade self care gift just for you!